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“The level of service at Divine Royalty Massage is fantastic. Having been a customer for a few months, I am consistently impressed by Toya's professionalism and bright personality. She makes me feel at home with her magical hands. This is the best massage in town. Thank you!”


“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a Massage Therapist you can trust. Divine Royalty Massage was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”


"I needed a quality massage and that is exactly what Toya delivered. Her massage style was as requested with good strong deep pressure using oil and really good therapeutic technique maintained throughout the session. A good value for your massage!"


"I was quite pleased with Divine Royalty Massage by Toya Peraza actually. I think if youre in Long Beach, CA and need Swedish Massage - theyre the people you need."

Ken ref:

"Thanks for the wonderful service today 10/10/11..great value."


"Thank You for meeting with me. Everything exceeded my expectations and I am already looking forward to seeing you again. It was great for me because, I was able to put my trust in you and you guided me right thru the hour with your loving massage. It was so refreshing to meet a true professional, who loves her work, really likes and understands." Looking forward to next time,


"Went today for the first time. Great massage. Most times when you are asked if you like it light, medium, or hard, you get light. She gave a good hard. Very good with her hands. Will definitely be back."


"I used Toya for a surprise I planned for my boyfriend for his birthday at a hotel October 2014. She was very sweet and did an awesome job. I was able to decorate the room and leave a key for her at the front desk for her to set up while I went and got him. She was very trustworthy and provided excellent customer service. I just recently referred her to a friend for Valentine's Day , I'm sure she will provide awesome service!"


"I really went to nirvana with this massage artist. Her hands are truly amazing. I was happy when she started, while she was in the middle and especially the ending. I have found the best massage therapist in Southern California, hands down. I have gone to other massage therapists and was let down. But Toya never let me down. I never knew I could feel this good. I wish I could give her more than five stars."


"I never really understood the quote, "you have a gift from God" until I reunited with my old friend Toya Peraza. Well, In 2005 I was stressed because of my back injury. I had to use a cane because I couldn't walk well and my back was always in pain. I had tried physical therapy and chiropractic treatments to get better for many years prior to 2005.

That year (2005) I had reunited with Toya Peraza while she was in college for massage therapy. She seen me in so much pain on my cane and that I couldn't stand straight. She provided me with consultation and a FREE massage that went towards her credits for class. That first appointment at her college felt like heaven. It felt like angels were massaging me. She stated that her goal was to help me walk better again. So I went to Toya for about 6 months. After that 6 months of massage therapy, the biggest blessing happened to me. One morning, I got up, took a long stretch, and realized that I could stand straight! So I got in my car and went to a park to see if I could walk without my cane. Oh my God!!! I was able to walk without my cane with no pain. That day, I was able to throw away my cane and never looked back! I called Toya and told her the awesome news as tears of joy fell from my face. I stated, "you have a gift from God Toya, to heal and relieve pain." That was my testimony! I truly recommend and encourage everyone to go to Toya Peraza's place of business in Lakewood, Ca for the Best massage therapy. She changed my life forever in a great way. I still receive her services to this day. Thank you Toya!!!"


"Had not had a massage in quite a few years. Toya did a great job in finding the tense muscles and although it was painful at first because of my lack of stretching and taking care of myself, she was able to make me feel a lot better. I will be going back for regular visits."


"My back was in so much pain that I couldn't even stand up, let alone walk. I called Toya and she was at my house within an hour. She had to help me onto the massage table. The pain was so intense that my legs wouldn't stop shaking. Toya located the problem immediately, sciatica. Over the next hour she unlocked my muscles and stopped the shearing pain, all while playing good music that got my mind off of the problem. After the session, I was able to not only stand but walk. If you are having aches and pain give this place a call, you won't be disappointed."


"If you want to feel like you're defying gravity and floating on air then give Toya a call. She is amazing and very professional. She asked me what areas I wanted her to focus on and I gave her a very general answer (neck and back) but she got into all the areas that were hurting more than others without me telling her. She even got spots that I didn't even know hurt lol. The pressure was perfect and she asked how I felt throughout the session. Overall, this was a great massage I feel totally relaxed, I feel that I have more circulation because my feet and hands were tingling (in a good way) as she massaged me, and I don't feel like I got beat up like I have at other places. I will definitely be back probably during finals week lol. Thank you so much Toya"


"I love this place absolutely. The owner is very professional and got quite the talent. The massages she gives feel like there are more people working on you but she's the only one! Crazy good, i felt healed when i left and definitely would love to come back again soon"


"If I can give her a billion stars I definitely would. My body is always hurting and I'm constantly stressed on a daily. I saw the yelp reviews and thought why not give a massage a try. Once I got the massage it was nothing but great! She massaged me and got out aches and pains I didn't know I had in the first place. Thank you thank you thank you! You have a client for life!"


"Very knowledgeable about the human body. Knows exactly where to go to find the root of your kink. Listens well and takes her time to make it customized for you. Will be returning. I totally get what everyone said about feeling like multiple ppl are massaging you. I felt sensations from where ever she massaged to my chest, really therapeutic. Space is easy to find, and is a type of oasis in the city. Can't wait for my next session!"


"Toya is a wonderful massage therapist. I had the one hour and a half massage. She customized my massage. She is professional and knew just what I needed to make me better of the pain I was experiencing."


"Such a Beautiful spirit and positive attitude. Toya is filled with positive energy that comes through in her personality, touch and massage. I personally like fresh white linens , but don't be discouraged by the color of the linen , the massage makes up for it. LOVED the fresh smelling oils to soothe the soulMusic could be a little quieter and a waterfall or mini fountain would be a nice extra touch for serenity~No bathroom in the massage space, but it is very close by and Toya will take you to it. I will def. Be going back! Thanks Toya for helping to quiet down my raging migraine. I will be passing on your info to many friends. You are a Blessing with healing hands"


"My back had been aching all week so I finally decided to check this place out. When I arrived, I was warmly greeted by Toya and she did an amazing job. The facilities were comfortable and clean. My massage was very thorough. She even used her elbows to push in on some tender points of my body. I was in heaven. This was exactly what I was looking for. There was great also conversation during the session and I really enjoyed it. I will recommend this place to my friends and family."


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